Ways To Make Any Go Kart Faster    
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Article Written July 16, 2023 4:21pm ET

Ways To Make Any Go Kart Faster


1. Make Go Kart Faster With Upgraded Bearings

Upgrading to improved bearings can work wonders for making your go kart faster. These high-quality bearings are designed to reduce friction and rolling resistance, allowing for more efficient power transfer from the engine to the wheels. With reduced friction, your go kart can achieve higher speeds and accelerate more quickly. Smooth and precise wheel movement provided by upgraded bearings also aids in cornering, ensuring better overall performance on the track. Plus, their durability and reliability ensure that they can handle the demands of high-speed go karting, giving you more time on the track and less time for maintenance.

2. Better Speed With Better Suspension

Enhancing your go kart's suspension system can have a significant impact on its speed and handling. By upgrading to adjustable shocks or adding additional support components, you can fine-tune the suspension to optimize traction and stability. A well-tuned suspension enables better weight distribution, improved tire contact with the track, and enhanced handling around corners. With improved suspension, your go kart can maintain higher speeds while keeping control, allowing you to push the limits and shave off valuable seconds.

3. Better Speed & Acceleration With Optimized Gears

Gear ratios are more math than we would like, so you can find out more about them here.  Fine-tuning the gear ratio of your go kart can unlock its maximum speed potential. By changing the size of the gears in the transmission, you can adjust the balance between acceleration and top speed. If you're looking for more speed, increasing the size of the drive gear or decreasing the size of the driven gear can provide a higher top speed. However, it's essential to strike the right balance and consider your engine's power and torque characteristics to ensure optimal performance. However, if you don't have the means to build a gear shifting mechanism in your kart, consider an electric go kart. We show you start to finish how to build one here.

4. Higher Speeds By Choosing Right Tires

The right tires can make a remarkable difference in the speed and handling of your go kart. Opting for high-performance tires designed for racing or slick tires with minimal tread can increase traction and reduce rolling resistance. These tires provide better grip on the track, allowing you to maintain higher speeds through corners and straights. Additionally, consider the tire compound and hardness to match the track surface and conditions, as this can impact overall performance.

5. Faster Go Kart Using Stronger Brakes

While speed is crucial, having reliable and efficient brakes is equally important for both safety and performance. Upgrading your go kart's brakes can improve stopping power and reduce braking distances, allowing you to carry more speed into corners before braking. Consider upgrading to larger brake discs or installing performance brake pads to enhance braking performance. This upgrade will give you the confidence to brake later and more aggressively, resulting in improved lap times and overall speed.

Recap: How To Make Your Go Kart Faster

You can make any go kart faster using the 5 methods we discussed.
1. Upgrade your bearings! Everyone should be using ball bearings by now.
2. Better suspension.
3. Use the best gear ratio.
4. Use the correct tires. (Ex. no offroad tires on a track) 5. Stronger brakes = shorter braking distance.

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