AI Driven Stock Picks

   Darringer AI Investments are AI powered investment proposals that have historically outperformed the S&P 500. It is a free service that, upon signup, delivers weekly emails with the best stock picks according to the artificial neural network system.

    You can sign up here, and learn more about our algorithm here.

 Paper Car Models

   Our "Carta" Paper Car Models are printable paper car models that are available here, for free. They were created by Gregorz Rutka.

    Additionally, you can find more information on some of these cars at our Paper Car Models page.

 Go Kart Plans

    On our go kart designs page, you will find a detailed plan for a cheap, electric go kart. For upcoming designs, see our "Coming Soon" section below.

Additionally, you can find more about the building process and the backstory at our Go Kart Designs page.

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