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Additional Information

   The Original Building Process

    Though the build time now is listed at about 5 hours, the original go kart took over 1 year to build, and over 100 hours. This is because many mistakes were made, of which are discussed.

For example, the one wheel design in the back took over 30 hours to complete. Originally, the go kart yielded a 4 wheel design, however this was highly inefficient as having no differential meant slip was required for turning.

Over the course of these months, the design has never stopped improving, and potential add-ons are discussed next.


   Potential Add-Ons

   One update made ever since the design was originally published was a steering system. This system was a replacement of the original steering system that used a very simple lever setup. I still recommend that lever system for any beginners.

For those interested in the steering system, the steering wheel shaft is connected to a 2x4 that slides underneath the kart. It is the simplest steering system I have seen. Plans on it will be up soon at our design page shortly.

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