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A $15 Table/Desk

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This is our extremely low budget table/desk design. The approximate specifications are below.

Height: 30in
Length: 4 feet
Width: 2 feet
Build Time: 1 hour
Cost: $15
Difficulty: Extremely easy

Materials & Tools (Cost Breakdown of $15)

Note: Use the links to see the items. To cut shipping costs, buy in store when possible.

$4.00 2x4x8 Wood Click to see
$30.00 Cheap Plywood Click to see
$20.00 Nicer Plywood Click to see
$38.00 Wood Finish Click to see
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Tools Needed (See stages for more):
1. Drill with standard drill bits
2. Screwdriver
3. Screws, Bolts, & Washers
4. Wood saw
5. Hammer
6. Pliers
7. Soldering iron recommended
8. Nuts/Washers

More notes: If you use other parts than the ones listed, make sure they are compatible. For example, if you use your own wires, make sure they can hold 24V.

Step 1: Frame

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Step 2: Legs

Go Kart 2

Optional: Finish

To give the table/desk a glossy and protective finish, you can optionally paint the table/desk with the finish provided in the materials section.

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